You Want Answers – August 28, 2019

You Want Answers (August 28th, 2019)

By NISA Nation Staff

Every week NISA Nation will aim to select a question posed to the twitter handle @TheNISANation and answer a question you may have.  This week’s question comes from Brian Mutterspaugh and is a question on tactical analysis and possibly a question on NISA Nation’s coverage as well.

This week’s question: Are you guys planning to do this [discussion of tactics] as part of your @NISALeague coverage?

Really good question as we know Brian is not the only one who enjoys tactical analysis and it is not easy to select what is best for our respective fan bases. There are three trains of thought here.

  1. There are a few in-house experts at our clubs that we could call on to break down tactics that the clubs are deploying.
  2. What is the best forum for supporters to discuss tactics NISA clubs are using? Is it at or is there someone that wants to start their own site?
  3. Is there an independent tactical expert who we should be talking to and getting to review game film?

Option #2 would provide more instant analysis I would guess but maybe this is a decision for club supporters and NISA Nation followers to decide.  What would you be more interested in seeing when it comes to tactical analysis?   Let us know on twitter @TheNISANation.

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