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Club, Community, Culture – Clovers

Interview by Sebastian Johnson In the summer of 2006, a bored Brian Sykes was looking for something to watch on TV when he came across the world’s most popular event - the FIFA World Cup. He didn’t expect it to be much more than something to have on in the background, but to his own surprise he was immediately taken with the fluidity and pace of the sport. “Call it a stroke of genius, or maybe even a stroke of boredom,” Sykes ...

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Jedidiah McCloud Brings Hope and Inspiration to All Athletes Who Contend with Mental Health Issues

By S.T. Weller In the sports world, heroes don’t just happen on the field. Sometimes, it’s what our greatest sports inspirations do off the field, away from the court, off the ice and away from the roar of the crowd that make them truly heroic. May is mental health month, and Gold Star FC Detroit’s newest addition—midfielder Jedidiah McCloud—is speaking openly about his own longtime struggle with depression, Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and emetophobia, a very rare, but extreme fear of vomiting. At just ...

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Worlds Apart: Albaraa Alsoufi is Finding Meaning in Heritage

By Sebastian Johnson When Albaraa Alsoufi was 11 years old, he visited the homeland of his parents - Yemen. It wasn’t his first visit to the Middle Eastern nation of 31 million - that would’ve been in 2001 when he was barely a toddler. But it was the first time he was old enough to take notice of the environment around him. “When I arrived in 2011, the civil war had just gotten bad,” recalls the midfielder with new National Independent Soccer ...

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