Interview Series

Community, Responsibility, Unity: Josh Prutch’s Experiences at the Akshardham Temple

By Sebastian Johnson One of the four core beliefs of Hinduism is “dharma,” a word that translates roughly to duty or responsibility. A large part of dharma is one’s duty to their own community - and cooperation between community members. This core belief of Hinduism colored NISA Executive Vice President of Expansion Josh Prutch’s recent trip to the magnificent BAPS Shri Swaninarayan Akshardham Temple in Robbinsville, NJ. “During the final phases of construction I was invited to Akshardham Temple,” Prutch explains. “A ...

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A Storied Career: Juan Hernandez and The Next Step

By: Sebastian Johnson Juan Hernandez has accomplished things few men have. Over his 126 games played for Chattanooga FC (CFC), the second most ever played for the club, he became their sixth-leading scorer of all-time and their all-time leader in assists. Now, as Hernandez looks to the future, he prepares to take the next step in his storied career – and it’s a step he’s been preparing for since he was just 15 years old. “Well, I’m from Spain, so I don’t ...

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Club, Community, Culture – Clovers

Interview by Sebastian Johnson In the summer of 2006, a bored Brian Sykes was looking for something to watch on TV when he came across the world’s most popular event - the FIFA World Cup. He didn’t expect it to be much more than something to have on in the background, but to his own surprise he was immediately taken with the fluidity and pace of the sport. “Call it a stroke of genius, or maybe even a stroke of boredom,” Sykes ...

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