Interview Series

Mayele Malango: Fluent in the International Language

By Sebastian Johnson Photo by Jon DeBoer Duke history professor Laurent Dubois stated, in his book The Language of the Game: How to Understand Soccer, that soccer is “...a language, probably the most universal on the planet.” This is a fact well known to New Amsterdam FC starting wing Mayele Malango. His journey has taken him thousands of miles - from the rainforests of equatorial Africa, all the way to the east coast of America. However, he’s never felt isolated thanks to ...

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Family, Community, Soccer

by Sebastian Johnson It’s hard to imagine the work that goes into running a professional sports team. It’s a tall task to be sure - one that could leave even the most die-hard of fans feeling that they bit off more than they could chew. Suffice it to say, running a sports team is not a job for the faint of heart, and few know that better than Bronwyn Capriotti. Capriotti was never what you’d call a sports person. For most of ...

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Photo Credit: Dan Bartel/ Chicago House AC

Sociology, Criminology, Soccer

by Sebastian Johnson | Photo Credit: Dan Bartel / Chicago House AC Chicago House forward AR Smith remembers the shock he felt the first few weeks attending Butler University in Indianapolis, Ind.. “I went to Butler, which is a PWI,” he says. “That is, a ‘primarily white institution.’ I was one of a handful of black people even attending the school, to begin with...I was often the only black student in many classes.” The shock came from the many things Smith heard in ...

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