Interview Series

Interview with . . . NISA VP of Expansion Josh Prutch

Leading the expansion process for NISA, Josh Prutch is in discussions every day with clubs and investors all over the country looking to join the independent soccer movement.  In the short time frame since taking over the role, Josh has had conversations with investors representing communities of all sizes - some with populations under 25,000 and some in the biggest cities in the country - welcoming multiple clubs in both the New York City area and Greater Los Angeles.  In ...

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Targeting the Number Nine, Episode 3

Targeting the Number Nine: Episode 3 with Kartik Krishnaiyer (Miami FC) The No.9 in soccer traditionally has a job to do. Score goals and change the game.  For NISA Nation’s first interview series, we will focus on the Number Nine – the game changers ahead of NISA’s debut.  These are the game changers who have helped NISA to get up on its feet and made it possible for the players to play and represent communities across the NISA Nation. In this series, ...

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Interview With . . . Brian Costin

In NISA Nation’s first post Ten Reasons NISA will be different, the first reason we mention is: "Any Community Can Have Pro Soccer".  Sure, it’s a little early in the history of this blog to be quoting ourselves but here we go: In the United States, only one top tier (“Big Five”) professional sports team is based outside of the largest 50 metropolitan areas. About 160 million people live outside of those 50 cities and live in markets where professional soccer ...

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