You Want Answers

You Want Answers

By: NISA Nation Staff

Soccer twitter can be a scary place but as the time gets closer and closer to kick-off, NISA wants to connect with fans – and knows there are lots of interested people with questions.  So on behalf of the NISA clubs, let’s get some more information out there.

Every week NISA Nation will select a question posed to the twitter handle @TheNISANation and answer a question you may have.

Some decorum needs to be considered (… and insulting us will in all likelihood result in us choosing a different question to answer…) but that said, NISA Nation wants to answer as best we can the questions we know you have.

The first question (and it is a five-parter) we’ll answer goes to James Gottermeyer who asked this of @NISALeague

A few (among many) questions I still have about @NISALeague:

JG: Still going to be a “European calendar?”

Yes. Fall-to-Spring with a winter break.

JG: One long season or apertura/clausura?

To start off with in 2019 (and this may change in future seasons as the composition of where NISA clubs are based changes), there will be a split-season format similar to apertura and clausura.  The Fall season will have a champion from both the East and West with those two qualifying for the playoffs in the Spring.

JG: Will there always be playoffs?

For the near future, yes. If clubs in NISA prefer a single table or another style to determine a champion, the clubs can put those proposals forward.  NISA is owned and governed by clubs and they can make those types of decisions.

JG: Deadline for teams to enter Spring 20 and Fall 20?

To enter in Spring 2020, the deadline was August 1st.  Clubs or investors wanting to join in the Fall of 2020, the deadline is October 1st 2019 and the process can be started here:

JG: When does pro/rel become an actual discussion point?

NISA believes in an open system. Ideally, NISA plans to be an association of clubs and an association of leagues. At the moment, there is no magic number of clubs that it needs to get to.  Clubs in NISA or joining NISA understand sporting-merit means something and in the future, there will be no divine right to the top division in NISA.  Clubs will decide that on the pitch.

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