How can new clubs join NISA?

How can new clubs join NISA?

By NISA Nation Staff

With the introduction of the National Independent Soccer Association (NISA) into the American professional soccer scene, there is a new ownership option for those interested in sports investment opportunities. As with all sanctioned U.S. based professional soccer leagues, NISA’s clubs are subject to the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) professional league standards (PLS).

The Professional League Standards (if you click the link, look for Section VI: Division III) for clubs (or investors with an idea for a club) have two big requirements for applications to meet and they are:

  • The club must have a lead investor who owns a minimum of 35% of the club and has a net worth of over $10 million dollars outside of the value of the club and their primary personal residence.
  • A stadium to play in with a minimum seating capacity of 1,000


NISA, like all other American professional soccer leagues, must meet those standards. However, beyond the professional league standards, NISA has taken an inclusive approach in order to foster an open system for the American game. Some of these strategies run counter to the traditional American sports league approach. These strategies include:

  • No territorial rights –In order to foster an association of inclusion, NISA has taken a firm stance against territorial rights agreements. Whether or not there is a club two blocks away, two miles away, or two states away, NISA believes in inclusion. One club in a market should not create a restriction to another club’s potential.
  • No expansion fees – NISA does not believe in the inflation of franchise values through artificial scarcity. NISA does believe in an inclusive pathway to professional soccer for every community. The removal of expansion fees eliminates one more barrier to the establishment of a professional soccer club.
  • An Open System – As mentioned, NISA has no intention of playing markets off one another to build franchise values through artificial scarcity. If investors or a club can meet USSF’s professional league standards then the opportunity to apply for admission into NISA will be available.

Rather than a system built on the sale of territorial rights for expansion fees, NISA seeks to make professional soccer available to any community. NISA’s approach is strategic on two primary fronts. First, the open system approach creates a wider entry point to professional soccer. The more the door is opened, the more clubs will walk through it. Second, the removal of territory rights and expansion fees eliminates two sizeable barriers to another NISA objective:  the implementation of an association of leagues interconnected through meritocracy.

The Application Process

With the PLS, it may sound daunting but investors or clubs interested in pursuing expansion into NISA are encouraged to click here and complete the linked form. Once the submission is finished, expect to be contacted by a member of NISA’s league office in the near future. Even if you do not have the means to meet USSF’s professional league standards at this time, NISA would still love to hear from you. It is never too early to initiate a conversation to bring professional soccer to a community near you!

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